biplane rides in the Cannibal Queen

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     The Cannibal Queen™: Fact Sheet

Make: Boeing Stearman

Model: AN75N1

Year: 1942

Engine: Lycoming R680 E3B

Horsepower: 300

Seats: 3

Fuel Capacity: 47 gallons

Gross weight: 2,950 lbs

Max speed: 125 mph

Cruise speed: 100 mph

Stall speed: 55 mph

Lenght: 24 feet 10 inches

Height: 9 feet 2 inches

Wing span: 32 feet 2 inches

Service ceiling: 14,000 feet

Range: 450 statute miles

Total built: 8,585

In existence today: 1,000

Restored by Skid Henley in 1988